News and updates

Although this website has been on-line since 2007, this page has just been added on July 16, 2014....

2-18-18       Added 2BTS videos , 60" video slideshow of Mark's photography style, 1 headshot

1-29-18       Added new individual portfolio of Kara

1-19-18       Added 2 couples images

1-14-18       Added image to people

1-11-18       Added image to individual portfolio of Lindsey R.

1-8-18        Added 2 images to youth

1-7-18        Added individual portfolio for Lindsey R. 

1-1-18        Added headshot

10-20-17    Added people image and images to individual portfolio Laura Avey

9-29-17      Added images to individual portfolio Jennifer Thayer

9-26-17      Added 2 images each to people and to youth

9-18-17      Added new individual portfolio for Katelyn, Lena and Sophia w/ Izzy Be clothing

9-5-17        Added new images Lena Seyfarth's individual portfolio

8-18-18      Added image in individual portfolio for Katelyn Buerger

8-14-17      Added individual portfolio for Katelyn Buerger

8-10-17      Added youth image

8-5-17        Added individual portfolio album for Aly Bonselaar

7-24-17      Added images toLily Saloga, added 1 image to headshots

7-23-17      Added Lily Saloga to individual portfolios

7-18-17      Added Brand Model Magazine as a new client and as a pre-approved photographer

7-1-17        Added individual portfolio album for Sophia Tapia

6-27-17      Addedd 2 images to youth 

6-25-17      Added video and updated Kaley Albrecht

6-14-17      Added video

6-11-17      Added images to Lena Seyfarth port and youth

6-6-17        Added individual portfolio for Avery Arrin and head shot  and video album

6-1-17        Added Client Proofs page

5-27-17      Added images to mature

5-21-17      Added other image

5-17-17      Added headshot and youth images

5-10-17      Added headshot

5-4-17        Added 2 sports images in other

5-1-17        Added link to newly built website for Lena Seyfarth

4-22-17      Added new section for displaying individual portfolios of edited images

4-12-17      Added new headshot and 2 new youth images

3-24-17      Added 2 new youth images

3-20-17      Addedpeople and head shot images

2-28-17      Added people image

2-2-17        Added head shot and people images

1-21-17      Added head shot and people images

12-31-16    Added images to youth and head shots

12-29-16    Added 3 images to youth

12-26-16    Added image to people

12-18-16    Added image to people andanimals

12-5-16      Added image to people

12-3-16      Added head shot

11-27-16    Added images to youth

11-17-16    Added image to head shots

10-31-16   Added images to people

10-25-16   Added images to youth and people

10-17-16   Added images to youth

8-31-16     Added images to people and animals

7-19-16     Added head shot, people, editorial images. 

5-7-16       Added head shot

4-19-16     Added 4 mature images, 1 editorial image, 1 people image

2-21-16     Added mature image

1-18-16     Added 2 people images

12-28-15   Added 2 mature images and 3 people image

11-19-15   Added animal image

10-19-15   Added people and other images

10-4-15     Added headshots, people and animal images 

9-2-15       Added people and youth images

7-13-15     Added other image

7-5-15       Added mature image,  animal image & people image

4-20-15     Added headshot

3-15-14     Added image to streets album and Animal album

3-6-15       Added Model Release to Documents

3-5-15       Added People, Head shots and Mature images

2-6-15       Added People images

1-18-15     Added new Head shot

12-29-14   Added people image

12-27-14   Added couples image

9-18-14     Redesigned and added services page

8-18-14     Added animal  and editorial image

8-5-14       Added images to Mature

7-30-14     Added 2 images to Mature

7-27-14     Added images to Youth , Mature, Head Shots and Other portfolios

7-24-14     Added Swim Rags to Client list, added image to People

7-16-14     Images added to Animals,Editorial,Mature and People