What kind of equipment does mark use?

Mark started photography in 1976 using 35mm film.  He chose Nikon back then and when he went digital, he chose to keep his Nikon lenses and purchase a body compatible.  His first digital body was the Fuji S2 Pro.  After years of successful use, he then went to Nikon D300 which he still uses along with his favorite two lenses being Tamron 28-105 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8.  He doesn't believe a $5,000 camera body will make him a better photographer.  It's all in the eye of who is behind the camera.

is mark published anywhere?

Yes.  Mark's work has been in numerous magazines, catalogs and web sites.  Several pageant contestants have used Mark for their head shots winning the "Miss Photogenic" portion of the pageant.  You can also see the companies he has worked for here.

Will Mark manage me in the modeling industry?

When Mark was full time, he also ran a model management company.  In the early and mid 2000's, Mark developed and molded several models that went on to big things in LA and NY.  At this point he is not accepting candidates for management.

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What if i don't like the results I get?

Simply by choosing to work with Mark must mean that you liked his work on this website.  However, he is flexible with working with you should you experience a problem with the images.

Does Mark work full time as a photographer?

Prior to 2009, Mark did use photography as a full time job for about 4 years.  Economy changed and he chose to go back into sales and shoot as a hobby on weekends and some weeknights. Now as a hobby, the passion is back!

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